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The word Longlast describes both a moment of long awaited arrival, and the state of being something that lasts long. For us, this word embodies the tension we feel between wishing for a better moment in the future and recognizing that it’s in the whole journey that we learn  and become what is long lasting.

After nearly five years of a multi-continent long-distance relationship, it’s hard not to live fixated on the next moment where at long last things will be good and easier, but, time and time again, that moment moves just out of reach. As we face an indefinite number of months waiting on a visa so we can get married, we’ve begun to ask ourselves what it looks like to open our eyes wider to value the journeywe’re on and the place where we are, and the people we’ve become.

While we cannot pretend to understand the road you walk, we hope that we might encourage you to acknowledge the bravery of your own journey, and where it’s taken you. May we acknowledge pain, but not live in pursuit of relief. May we allow the mountains to build in us the muscle and lung capacity for the fullness of life–for the lowest valleys and the highest peaks and everything the road has to offer in between. May we live not to reach at long lasta destination but may we last longin the journey for all it’s worth.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. 1 Cor 13

Jeandre & Emily

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